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Utires’ team is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best shopping experience for new and used tires. Free FedEx same day shipping on all online orders of tires.
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We sell tires with 60-99% tread life
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High-quality used tires: each tire is checked both manually and with specialist equipment

Customer Reviews

Rodrigo Morales
Good prices, good profesional service.
2022-08-06 20:34:47
Dean Fox
Great tires, great customer service! I had the pleasure to work with Jacob Padal and Matt Wojtasik who handled my lost keys that were placed on my windshield from their tech. They replaced my Mazda Key Fob, Remote Start Fob, and a brand new airtag. Great team and company that gets customer service first hand! Thank you Jacob and Matt for going above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely come back to purchase new tires in the future. Thank you United Tires for hiring great people! Thanks, Dean Fox
2022-08-05 16:46:54
Christopher Iliopoulos
Great tires & great pricing. Amazing to work with & fast shipping. Ditched going to the dealerships and just order all tired for my Mercedes-Benz from Mike. Get a set of 2 quality 8.5/32 tires for HALF the price the dealership charges.
2022-08-05 15:29:02
Silviu Iorga
I purchased 4 used tires for my SUV ten months ago. The tires were professionally installed. Driving them ever since. They are in good shape and holding very well. All good, no issues. Appreciated.
2022-07-23 01:11:44
Emma McKee
Amazing experience! So kind and helpful. Definitely will go back.
2022-07-18 18:15:13
Ahmed Baker
Best place to get quality tints
2022-07-10 22:45:44
Dee Letsgetit
Great Guys, was busy when I stopped by But I was taken good care of.
2022-06-26 01:01:22
Prosto z USA
Fast and good service. Very good prices . Highly recommend
2022-06-03 20:43:03
Timothy Baker
Excellent service. I needed one used tire for my car and they had it in stock, with great tread for a really good price. I will definitely be back.
2022-06-03 19:03:06
Sue Monroe
They HAVE AFFORDABLE TIRES ! FOUND 2 GREAT TIRES FOR MY SUV AND IT LOOKS BRAND NEW! WILL DEFINITELY SHOP AGAIN. FAST SHIPPING ! The only con: they did not come in a box ! Going to pUT the new tires on tomorrow
2022-05-14 07:16:01
Very Cool Place, I got my Windows tinted very well Also rims and tire services that they provide also very high level
2022-05-13 21:22:23
Juan Prado
I have purchased multiple tires for different vehicles and have been pleased with the quality and speed of shipping. i would not hesitate to buy again.
2022-05-04 19:14:45
Brian Davidson
I had a set of Michelin tires that I bought a few years ago. I needed a pair to replace two that had worn out due to a lack of rotation on my part. I bought two from United that matched what I already had. The price was really good and the shipping was fast.(two days from Chicago to Texas). They mounted up with no problems. I would buy tires from United again with no hesitation.
2022-04-30 18:23:54
Andrew I
great customer service highly recommended
2022-04-30 15:41:01
Esau Rodriguez
Great service, quick delivery and good used tire selection. Saved me from having to replace all 4 of my tire.
2022-04-26 00:18:34
Atiq Kahn
Good tires at bargain price. Seller is recomended to do business with.
2022-04-18 23:38:52
Ben German
I have appreciated this place every time I have gone in (both for tires and for other automotive needs). They are professional and go the extra mile. Shoutout to Armando for his help with a front flood light that was out (didn't even ask him to, and he replaced it). I highly recommend them for full automotive service.
2022-04-18 19:26:32
Mark Rutherford
Blew a tire on my Dodge and didn't want to mismatch the remaining 3 or have 1 new tire while the rest were about 70%. Was able to find a tire from united that was almost a perfect match to what I had. Price was fair and shipping was quick. definitely recommend
2022-04-11 03:25:13
s2chan forever
I think this place is really good. I underestimated them at first because i was getting a used tire, but their the tire that I got was very good for the price. Only thing I could not get from them was installation service because they were too busy. I am definitely coming back to this place for tires in the future.
2022-03-25 16:29:22
Kevin J. Hoppe
Bought a pair of 235/45ZR18 Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ All Season 2 94W used tires to match a pair already on my car. They came quickly from United Tires, and they were perfect used tires. Back down the road without any issues!!!
2022-03-21 01:29:51
Maria Maria
First time buying tires offline. Will do again and recommend. Awesome transaction and 2 day shipping I'm impressed with the 4 tires and notifications. Thanks to you all.
2022-03-19 20:23:37
Thomas Handy
I bought 1 Goodyear Wrangler to match the tires I have on my truck, it is identical to the other 3 with similar tread wear. Customer service was very good they let know where it was every step of the way and shipping was very fast
2022-02-28 17:28:28
Angie S
Bought 4 used tires through Ebay. Nice tread. Super fast delivery. I expected 4 days and they showed up in 2! Great experience.
2022-02-28 00:25:40
Stephanie Bonds
This is the tire shop to come to 3613 North Harlem if you want excellent service.I had a flat tire. Arrived here and recieved the best care and service. I have rims on my car but somehow misplaced the lug nut wrench. They had one that fit my lugnuts and they had an extra one and gave it to me for free!!!! I was in and out in less than an hour.Nate was sooo helpful. He took the time to explain everything to me from start to finish, and the price was great!!!! So if you need tires for your car,they will take great care of you and your car.Thank You Nate!!!! Oh I forgot to mention they have a full automotive service too.Thank You Nate and the entire United Tires crew.
2022-02-24 20:20:19
Ricky Henderson
You always get what they say you will or better! If there is a problem, they will fix it! Great company.
2022-02-24 03:04:22
39 days ago
Herb Eplee
17 days ago
Elijah Ward
11 days ago
Will Armacost
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United Tires is one of the biggest used tire shops in the U.S. Right now we offer our customers a selection of more than 72,000 new and used tires on sale. The good condition of each used tire that you see in the catalog, is guaranteed. All of our discount tires undergo a thorough 2-stage automatic and manual inspection: both when we get them from the supplier and when we are shipping the order from our store to your door!
Shop for tires today and get free shipping! All orders confirmed before 1 p.m. on a business day, are being shipped by FedEx Ground on the same day, no matter the location! To find the best tire deals while shopping on our website, open the category that you are interested in: you can customize your search based on the tire size, auto make or model, season, or vehicle!
The best place to buy tires — is where you can easily find a single tire, a set of 2 or 4 cheap tires online, and be sure that you get the best price on the market! Our specialists analyze used tires shops’ prices daily — and make sure that gives the better deal. If you have found a tire for less money in the other place, we guarantee to sell it to you at the same price! United Tires strives not only to give you the cheapest prices, but to offer really valuable special deals. Soon we are launching discount coupons that will help you save even more. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about our sales and promotions.
We only sell quality tires and provide a hassle-free 1-year return policy. If you have any questions about our tire outlet offers, give us a call toll-free now on 1-888-566-6214 or have a with our support team!