Buy Tires on Sale in Raleigh: But Not Until You’ve Read This Guide!

Automotive Raleigh at a glance
Automotive Raleigh at a glance


Driving and buying tires in Raleigh

Welcome to Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina! Both the true Raleighites and the visitors of the City of Oaks will find this page super handy. Read on to find expert information on Raleigh roads, climate, traffic, the Raleigh tire market, and driving laws, and get pro tips on buying tires for driving here!
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Raleigh tire shops and key auto facilities

Walmart Auto Care Center
1725 New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
1725 New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
Wake County Speedway
Wake County Speedway
2109 Simpkins Rd. Raleigh, NC 27603
2109 Simpkins Rd. Raleigh, NC 27603
Costco Tire Center at Costco Wholesale
2838 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
2838 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
Just Tires Raleigh
Just Tires Raleigh
8816 Harvest Oaks Dr, Raleigh, NC 27615
8816 Harvest Oaks Dr, Raleigh, NC 27615


Did You know

The City of Oaks founding fathers kept their promise

Raleigh was founded in 1872, and its founding fathers called it “The City of Oaks”. They promised to dedicate themselves to maintaining the area’s wooded tracks and beautiful parks. As far as we can see as of today, they did a great job!


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Automotive Raleigh at a glance

Automotive Raleigh at a glance
Automotive Raleigh at a glance

A new era of automotive production

The City of Oaks automotive scene has been recently enlivened by the arrival of new car manufacturers, attracted by a plentiful skilled workforce in the area, and new policies implemented to bring auto manufacturing businesses into North Carolina.
North American headquarters of Ineos Automotive are to be located in Raleigh, according to Sir Jim Ratcliffe, CEO of Ineos, one of the world’s largest chemical companies. The Ineos Grenadier SUV is Jim’s tribute to the iconic but now discontinued Land Rover Defender. And, even though production will be taking place in Europe, there are plans for manufacturing in the U.S. in the future, too. Great SUVs require high-quality tires, which can be found in the SUV/crossover tires section of our website!

Electric SUVs produced in Raleigh

VinFast, an EV startup from Vietnam, is to build its first North American plant in Chatham County, just southwest of Raleigh. The production of mid-size eSUV VF 8, and signature full-size VF 9, their flagman 7-seater eSUV, packed with cutting edge technology is expected to start in 2024. Looking for premium-quality tires for your EV in Raleigh? Buy them online on our website, and enjoy complimentary FedEx Home Delivery. All orders, submitted before 2 p.m., are shipped on the same business day!
Wake County Speedway, aka America's Favorite Bullring, is a quarter-mile NASCAR-sanctioned asphalt race track. It is a true center of car racing in Raleigh. The track roars on alternating Friday nights from April to September and gets special appearances from USAC and the CARS Tour. If you are a car racer at heart in search of new tires, visit the “Shop by tire performance” section of our online tire shop to buy high-quality used and new racing tires for cheap!


Choosing the right tires for driving in Raleigh


Where to buy new tires in Raleigh NC?

To buy new tires in the City of Oaks is an easy task, due to the conveniently located tire shops. To find a wide choice of new tires in Raleigh, just see the locations we’ve listed below and swing by them to get some.

Costco Tire Center at Costco Wholesale

  • 2838 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
  • Walmart Auto Care Center

  • 1725 New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
  • Just Tires Raleigh

  • 8816 Harvest Oaks Dr, Raleigh, NC 27615
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    Where to buy used tires in Raleigh NC?

    Looking to buy used tires and save on your purchase? Shop for them online at United Tires online shop from the comfort of your Raleigh home! Here you can choose from over 60,000 new and used tires in our inventory, find daily deals on used tires, and get a complimentary FedEx Home Delivery right to your door!
    Your safety and satisfaction are paramount to us, and you can shop for used tires online with confidence:
    • All used tires we offer have plenty of tread life left, from 60% to 90%, and some had only been driven once!
    • Our specialists double-check every tire visually, and with professional equipment, so all tires you see on sale are safe and ready to use!
    • You are protected by our return policy: up to one year no-questions-asked send back option on all used tires you buy from us!
    • We keep our prices low, so you can save big! Check out the used tires under $50 section of our website!
    Need expert assistance to select the best-suited tires for your purpose? United Tires' 24/7 customer service reps can be reached toll-free at 1-888-566-6214, call today to score used tires cheap!


    What tires do you need for Raleigh weather?

    Automotive Raleigh at a glance
    Automotive Raleigh at a glance

    Tires for the warm season

    In Raleigh, the summers are hot and humid, with most of the precipitation occurring through July, August, and September. Spring and fall here are mild and pleasant. Expert’s choice for the warm period in the City of Oaks is all-season tires that some people call the “all-rounders” as they suit driving in mild conditions all year round. The safest choice with the enhanced performance is the summer, or performance tires, which work perfectly in hot and humid conditions.

    Tires for Raleigh’s winter

    Winters last from January through March, and are cold, with an average of 5.2 inches of snow and over 60 nights with temperatures dropping below 32 F°. Freezing rain, sleet, and an occasional major damaging ice storm can happen, too. For such diverse inclement road conditions, winter tires with studs are a perfect match. The tread pattern of winter tires is designed to handle the snow, and studs are good to get a grip and ensure breaking in the icy road conditions. Shop for the studdable winter tires on our website.
    Another option to consider is to use all-season rubber marked with the letters M+S, which stands for mud and snow, plus have a set of tire chains handy, and install them in case of ice on the road. Visit the all-season tires section of our online tires shop to buy some used or new all-weather tires for cheap!
    Both studded tires and tire chains are legal in Raleigh. North Carolina Motor Vehicle Act of 1937, Section 20-122 clearly states that “it shall be permissible to use tire chains of reasonable proportions upon any vehicle when required for safety because of snow, ice or other conditions tending to cause a vehicle to slide or skid. It shall be permissible to use upon any vehicle for increased safety, regular and snow tires with studs which project beyond the tread of the traction surface of the tire not more than one-sixteenth of an inch when compressed.”
    Got some questions, or need help choosing the correct tires for Raleigh’s weather? Call 1-888-566-6214 toll-free, or hit that Live chat button on the website!


    Best-selling tire brands in Raleigh NC*

    *Source: sales department, 2021
    Shop used tires by brand on our website and get the best tire deals daily!


    The most popular tire sizes in Raleigh NC*

    *Source: sales department, 2021


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    Automotive Raleigh at a glance
    Automotive Raleigh at a glance

    Live traffic report

    Raleigh rates high for road safety, but traffic congestion here is a reality, and there are reasons for it. The area’s population is growing due to numerous people from out-of-state moving here.
    The Research Triangle is home to three major universities, that account for a combined enrollment of over 50,000 students, so during the school year traffic gets even denser.
    The rush hour in the morning is from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., and in the afternoon from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
    Always check the traffic conditions and chokepoints like West Morgan Street, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, when planning to drive somewhere. You can do so on the links provided below:

    Seasonal tire changeover

    As we mentioned above, Raleigh’s climate asks for a seasonal tire changeover, as the seasons here are super distinct. It’s one of the U.S.A.’s destinations where you might want to own two main kinds of tires — summer and winter — and regularly interchange them. And the drivers in need of the enhanced performance, or living in places with harsher landscapes, can choose studdable winter tires (studs and chains are legal in the state) that have a perfect grip on the icy road’s surface, or go for performance or high-performance tires for higher speeds and better grip and traction with the heated summer highway.

    Driving Laws

    1. Seat belts are compulsory for the driver and all the passengers
    2. Children under 8 years of age and under 80 pounds of weight must be strapped into approved child safety seats
    3. Always give way to an emergency vehicle/police car with sirens and flashing lights, or a public service vehicle with amber lights
    4. Headlights must be on from sunset to sunrise, or when the visibility is restricted to 400 feet or less due to light conditions
    5. Headlights are always to be turned along with the windshield wipers, during inclement weather
    6. Motorists have to yield the right of way to pedestrians at all intersections and crosswalks
    7. If a pedestrian attempts to take the right of way, e.g., cross against the light, the driver should honk, but if the pedestrian has not stopped, the driver should yield the right of way to the pedestrian
    8. When a school bus is pulling over to load or unload children, a driver moving along a two-lane road should come to a full stop

    Window tint laws

    The visible light transmittance (VLT) limits in Raleigh are set by the North Carolina Tinting law:

    • Non-reflective tint on the windshield is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line, or on the top 5 inches
    • Front side windows: 35% VLT or higher for both sedans and SUVs
    • Backside windows: 35% VLT or higher for sedans, and any darkness for SUVs
    • Rear window: 35% VLT or higher for sedans, any darkness for SUVs

    Tint reflection limits in Raleigh for both sedans and SUVs are set at:

    • Front side windows: 20% reflective or less
    • Backside windows: 20% reflective or less

    Other important tinting regulations in Raleigh:

    • Tinted back windows require dual side mirrors
    • Colored tinting is allowed, but red, amber, and yellow tint are not permitted
    • Stickers indicating that tinting is legal are not required, but stickers indicating legal special tint due to medical exemption are compulsory here
    You can find more information on the Official Tinting Laws website.

    Roads and highways

    Interstate highways

    Raleigh is served by several interstate highways and is well-integrated into the Triangle’s highway system.
    • Interstate 40 is the main freeway through Raleigh. It runs from Barstow CA to Wilmington NC, serving Raleigh on the way.
    • Interstate 440 aka Raleigh Beltline, is a 16.4-mile-long highway that nearly encircles central Raleigh, starting in the west Raleigh at an interchange with I-40 as a continuation of U.S. Highway 64, and running through a major residential area here.
    • Interstate 540 aka Northern Wake Expressway, is a commuter route connecting Raleigh-Durham International Airport to the Raleigh metropolitan area.
    • Interstate 87 completed portion runs through the Wake County, between Raleigh and Wendell, with 10 miles long part of it known as Knightdale Bypass, while the remaining 3 miles-long part follows the Beltline.

    Raleigh expressways

    The Triangle Expressway is an 18.8-mile-long tolled part of a partially finished outer loop around the greater Raleigh area. It is six-lane wide and extends from I-40 to N.C. 55 Bypass. The Triangle Expressway relieves congestion on N.C. 55, and helps commuters traveling to the Research Triangle Park to save time.
    The "free-flow toll zones" system is implemented, allowing commuters to drive at highway speeds without stopping to pay the toll. Instead of booths, there are high-speed video cameras and overhead gantries with radiofrequency readers. NC Quick Pass is the transponder used for paying tolls in the Raleigh area, commuters that don’t have one installed are identified by cameras and get their invoices in the mail.
    You can get more information on the facilities and toll rates at the NC Quick pass official website.


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    Best tires for Raleigh

    Automotive Raleigh at a glance
    Automotive Raleigh at a glance
    Raleigh is a beautiful city for driving, and if you are what they call the “average driver” (no offense, its a term defying a person who likes safe driving and moderate speeds), you will find the UTires’ section dedicated to new and used all-season tires on sale useful. Here you can also choose the all-season tires with enhanced performance that “work” better in harsh winter conditions: look for the “M+S” abbreviation in the name.
    Raleigh is a destination with two distinct seasons, so it makes total sense (and is recommended by us) to buy both summer and winter (or studdable) tires, to be on the safe side.
    And if you are really into high speed and the name Wake County Speedway is more than familiar to you, you can shop racing tires with plenty of tread left. No matter which tire you’re finally going for, you will get complimentary shipping by FedEx right to your Raleigh door!


    Buy tires in Raleigh and save up to 50%!

    On the United Tires website, you can customize your tire search basically on any possible parameter. Choose tires based on their size, model, brand, car make, type, condition terrain, season, and performance. Each tire is sold for the lowest price on the market and its quality is backed up by our 1-year hassle-free return policy.
    Other tire websites
    Set of 4 used tires
    Tread Depth
    Average Price
    Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
    Other tire websites
    Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
    Set of 4 used tires
    Tread Depth
    Average Price
    Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
    Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
    Our smart pricing policy allows us to assign the lowest prices on the market. We manage to achieve that with the help of special software that analyses all tires on sale in the U.S. online space. United Tires’ goal is to make all tires easily accessible. And our low prices allow you to get a perfect set of two tires instead of one, or four tires instead of two, or a top-of-the-market model for a very affordable price. Shop with us and be sure that you’re gonna drive on safe, quality tires, and in case you need any help, we’re always here to answer your questions! Call toll-free at 1-888-566-6214 or press a Live chat button to talk with our 24/7 customer service.




    Where to buy tires in Raleigh?

    Raleigh offers multiple tire shopping options for its guests and inhabitants. You can buy tires in mega-malls Costco or Walmart, choose and mount tires in the local shops, or select your new or used tires online. Here at United Tires, we offer our Raleigh customers over 60,000 tires in perfect condition, allowing you to save up to 50%. Plus Free FedEx shipping with every order and the best tire deals daily!

    Are all-season tires good for Raleigh?

    Yes, all-season tires are a popular choice with motorists here, and you can use them from April to December. For an enhanced winter performance, shop for all-season tires with M+S (“mud and snow”) abbreviation on a sidewall, these tires are specially designed for driving in harsh winter conditions.

    Do I need winter tires in Raleigh NC?

    Yes, we recommend using winter tires in Raleigh, from January through March. The temperatures here drop below the freezing point for over 60 nights during the winter, plus there are snowfall, sleet, and icy road conditions occurrences in the area.

    Are studded tires legal in Raleigh NC?

    Yes, studded tires are legal in Raleigh NC, but studs can only project beyond the tread of the traction surface of the tire for not more than one-sixteenth of an inch when compressed.


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