Buy Tires on Sale in Overland Park: But Not Until You've Read This Guide!

Shop Tires on Sale in OverlandPark: choose from more than 90,000 options
Shop Tires on Sale in OverlandPark: choose from more than 90,000 options


Driving and buying tires in Overland Park

Often rated as one of the top places to live in the country Overland Park is the second biggest city in Kansas, but is still a relaxed and friendly place to visit or live. Despite being the biggest suburb of Kansas City it’s still a breeze to drive in, even more so if your car is well maintained with the right tires for the roads there.
When you’re looking for tires in Overland Park make your first stop on the United Tires website, where we’ve got all the information you need to make the safest tire choice for your family. And with our range of more than 60,000 new and used tires, many with savings of up to 50%, you’ll know you’re getting a great deal on whichever ones you pick.



Overland Park tire shops and key auto facilities

Kansas City Automotive Museum
15095 W 116th St, Olathe, KS 66062
15095 W 116th St, Olathe, KS 66062
KC Classic Auto Display & Museum
KC Classic Auto Display & Museum
10101 Lackman Rd, Lenexa, KS 66219
10101 Lackman Rd, Lenexa, KS 66219
Midwest Exotic Auto Transport
Midwest Exotic Auto Transport
Lenexa, KS 66215
Lenexa, KS 66215
14801 W 114th Terrace, Lenexa, KS 66215
14801 W 114th Terrace, Lenexa, KS 66215
Walmart Auto Care Center
7701 E Frontage Rd, Overland Park, KS 66204
7701 E Frontage Rd, Overland Park, KS 66204


Did You know

Did you know that…

You can rent a classic streetcar trolley and tour Overland Park

While the Kansas City streetcar no longer comes to Overland Park (although in the past it once did), you can still ride a classic American heritage streetcar trolley around the city for a fun day out. These trolly cars have been converted to run on natural gas and are beautifully decked out in mahogany and brass.


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Automotive Overland Park at a glance

Automotive San Diego at a glance
Automotive San Diego at a glance
For a city of its size, OP is a great place to drive around with traffic nowhere comparable to other cities of a similar size. Generally, it takes no more than 30 minutes to get anywhere in the city or even into Kansas City, KS, or MO.
Rush hour in the city is usually between 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 to 6 p.m. making it much more manageable than many other parts of the country.

Streets - not just for driving

Overland Park has a very lively street life and cars are not always allowed. The city hosts regular farmer’s markets, musical street parties, and many more fun events. You can find out all about these events and many more on the official Visit Overland Park website.

The Kansas City Automotive Museum

While it may not sound like it, the Kansas City Automotive Museum is actually much closer to Overland Park than KC - in fact, it’s just over the city lines in neighboring Olathe. This museum is a great place to learn about the automotive history of the area and see a range of classic cars from years gone by. You can find out more on the official Kansas City Automotive Museum website.


Choosing the right tires for driving in Overland Park


Where to buy new tires in Overland Park?

As part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, there are many options both in and around the city to find new tires. In fact, the city is home to several major tire outlets including Walmart. But for unparalleled choice and guaranteed lowest prices visit the new tires section of our website. We price match our tires daily to ensure you always find the lowest prices with us and we ship them out for free with FedEx. If you order by 1 p.m. on business days they’ll get sent out the same day.

Walmart Auto Care Centers

  • 7701 E Frontage Rd, 66204
  • 11701 Metcalf Ave, 66210
  • 15700 Metcalf Ave, 66223
  • 13600 S Alden St, Olathe, 66062


Where to buy used tires in Overland Park?

Whether you’re looking for a set of main tires to replace your worn-out ones or a second seasonal set of tires, used tires offer a great combination of value and quality, when purchased from a reliable supplier. In Overland Park, there are several shops that stock used tires, but for guaranteed quality and the lowest possible prices check out our online used tire shop.
We put all our used tires through a two-state quality checking process where we reject any that have defects or don’t have enough tread life left. Every tire on the site will have at least 60–99% of tread life, and our driven-once tires will be in almost-new condition, for maximum driving life. We also offer:
To learn more about our tires and policies or to get advice on making your purchase call our tire team today at 1-888-566-6214 (toll-free) or reach out and contact us online.


What tires do you need for Overland Park weather?

What tires do you need for OverlandPark weather?
What tires do you need for OverlandPark weather?
Overland Park has a typical Midwestern climate, enjoying hot summers and proper snowy, cold winters. As the city is located in the eastern part of the state it tends to be a little warmer than the northwest of Kansas. The average high in July is around 90 °F, and the average low in January is around 20 °F. The city gets about 17 inches of snowfall each winter, but this can vary considerably from one year to the next.


As the summers don’t get too hot most people don’t require specialist summer tires unless they drive high-performance or sports cars, which can benefit from the improved handling at speeds that these tires provide. Most residents of Overland Park are families and commuters so either touring tires or all-season tires work well in warmer weather, as they are designed for vehicles that spend almost all of their time on paved roads.


In the winter, for people who only ever commute on city streets and highways all-season tires that are rated for mud and snow, will usually suffice, although there may be a few icy or snowy days a year when driving on them isn't a good idea. If you need to be able to drive even on those really cold days then using specialist winter tires for the winter months will ensure that you can get where you’re going safely, no matter the weather.


Best-selling tire brands in Overland Park*

*Source: sales department, 2022


The most popular tire sizes in OverlandPark

*Source: sales department, 2022


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Drivers’ OverlandPark guide: practical information
Drivers’ OverlandPark guide: practical information
Driving around this eastern Kansas city is a breeze and we’ve made it even more so with our tips on changing your tires for winter, information on main highways, and all the traffic information you need.

Live traffic report

While congestion isn’t a major problem in Overland Park live traffic reports can come in handy to warn you about accidents, construction, or travel issues due to bad weather:

Seasonal tire changeover

While Overland park sees some pretty cold winter weather and gets snow every year it’s certainly not the coldest city in the country, and the tires you need will generally depend on your driving style and requirements.

City drivers

For commuters and city drivers, a seasonal tire change may not be necessary. If you can avoid leaving the city streets and highways on the coldest, snowiest days, and have the option to leave your car at home on the few worst days of the year, then you might be able to avoid the seasonal changeover by putting some mud and snow rated all-season tires on your vehicle.
With these all-season tires, you’ll be set for driving on wet and dry roads, and light off-road driving, plus they’re good for driving in light snow. They’re a great all-rounder tire, offering durability, a comfortable ride, and value for money.

Outdoors lovers

For people who love to get out into the great outdoors in winter, or often have to drive out of the city, even on the coldest days, a seasonal tire change is a very good idea.
From March or April to October or November you can use all-season tires, summer tires, or touring tires depending on your specific needs. But when temperatures begin to drop, which usually happens in late October, you’ll want to put on some winter tires, possibly specialist ice tires or snow tires depending on your driving habits. The rubber compound used to make these tires won’t harden up as temperatures plummet, allowing the tires to grip icy or snowy roads. They’ll also have special tread patterns designed to deal with ice or snow, keeping you safe on the winter roads.

Driving Laws

It’s important to understand local and state driving laws, wherever you are. Here are a few key ones for Overland Park:
  • Speeding fines depend on how fast you are going over the limit. For example, the fine for 6 mph over the limit is $53.50, while the fine for 16 mph over the limit is $141.50.
  • School zone or construction zone moving violations are taken more seriously and have an additional $50 fine on top of the standard penalty.
  • A flashing red light means you have to stop, and if you don’t you could be subject to a $124.50 fine.
  • Driving without a windshield is allowed in certain circumstances, as long as the driver is wearing appropriate eye protection.

Window tint laws

Vehicle window tints can be both practical and attractive, keeping your vehicle cool in the sunshine and providing some privacy. But in order to keep your passengers and other road users safe, window tints need to have a safe amount of visibility. Here are the regulations that pertain to Overland Park:
  • You can only tint your windshield over the AS-1 line.
  • The film applied to all other windows must let in at least 35% of light.
  • It’s forbidden to use reflective tints in Kansas.
  • You can apply a colored tint but yellow, red, or amber are not allowed.
Learn all about vehicle window tinting and stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques.

Roads and highways

For a small city, Overland Park is well connected. Here are the main highways you’ll be using in the city:
  • I-35 runs from north to south, skirting the edge of the city. While it barely goes through the city limits you’ll likely use this highway to go to downtown Kansas City, or if you’re traveling south to Wichita. And if you’re traveling further afield this highway goes south to the Mexican border in Texas and north to Minnesota.
  • I-435 goes through the upper middle part of the city from east to west. This is the Kansas City beltway and is great for accessing different parts of the greater metropolitan area.
  • US 69 goes from north to south through the middle of the city, merging with the I-35 just to the north of the city limits. This highway runs along Metcalf Avenue through the city and goes north to Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. To the south, it provides access to the cities of Fort Scott and Pittsburg before heading south to Oklahoma and Texas.


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Best tires for Overland Park

Best tires for OverlandPark
Best tires for OverlandPark
With the majority of the population of the city being families and commuters most people drive cars and SUVs. This means that the most suitable tires for Overland Park are generally passenger tires or touring tires. These tires are designed for comfortable and safe road driving, either with a full load of passengers or luggage.
Touring tires are great for handling well on long drives, whereas passenger tires are more designed for handling heavier loads.
But whichever tires you decide to put on your vehicle, make sure they are in good condition, free of defects, have the correct amount of air pressure, and have sufficient tread depth. Read all about tire treads and learn how to check if yours are sufficiently deep.
If your tires have seen better days you’ll find a fantastic selection of every tire you might need on our website. We have both new and used tires, at the best prices and all our used tires are fully checked for safety and longevity.


Buy tires in Overland Park and save up to 50%!

For the best prices on tires visit our website. Our team scours the internet daily, using our specialist software, to make sure our prices are always the lowest. If you happen to find a better price we promise to match it too!
Our used tires offer you the opportunity to save up to 50% and we have a great value selection of used tires under $50, so you can always afford to replace your old, worn-out tires.
For assistance in selecting tires, price matches, or any questions about tires talk to our expert team now by contacting them online or calling them, toll-free, at 1-888-566-6214.
Other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Other tire websites
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
There are always great deals to be had in our online used tire shop. Whether you’re looking for tires for your new passenger car or decade-old pick-up truck we have sizes and prices to suit! Shop at for used tires in OverlandPark




Where to buy tires in Overland Park?

For the best quality and value tire shop, Overland Park, visit the United Tires website. You’ll get your tires delivered quickly to your door by FedEx, and even better, shipping is totally free. We have an enormous stock of all sorts of new and used tires, for different vehicle types, driving styles, and weather conditions, so you’ll definitely find just what you’re looking for. And with our price match promise, if you find them cheaper we’ll match the lower price. Quality is also a priority for us with all our used tires undergoing thorough checks to make sure they are in top-notch condition.

What tires are best for Overland Park?

Touring tires are a great choice for Overland Park, as it's important to keep in mind that you'll likely be driving on the pavement most of the time. They provide a comfortable ride and good fuel economy, making them ideal for everyday driving. Touring tires also offer good grip and handling, so you can feel confident when driving on wet roads. Plus, they're designed to resist wear and tear, so you can enjoy a long life out of your tires.

Do I need winter tires in Overland Park?

If you live in Overland Park and enjoy driving out of the city in winter, you may want to consider getting winter tires. The extra traction they provide can be helpful when navigating ice and snow-covered roads. Winter tires are also designed to stay pliable in cold temperatures, so they maintain their grip even when the mercury drops. However, if you only ever drive within the city, winter tires may not be necessary. The city's streets are regularly treated for ice and snow, making them easier to navigate with some solid all-season tires that are rated for mud and snow. So if you're not planning on driving out of town this winter, you can probably get by without winter tires.


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