Shop Tires for Denver: Choose from More than 90,000 Options

Shop Tires on Sale for Denver: choose from more than 90,000 options
Shop Tires on Sale for Denver: choose from more than 90,000 options


Driving and buying tires in Denver

Whether you are a native Denverite, or just visiting the city of Denver, experts created this page for you! Read on for useful practical information on Denver traffic, tinting laws, climate and weather, tire shops in Denver, and much more!
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Denver tire shops and key auto facilities

Walmart Autocare Centre
7800 Smith Rd
7800 Smith Rd
Walmart Autocare Centre
9400 E Hampden Ave
9400 E Hampden Ave
Costco Tire Center
4000 River Point Pkwy, Sheridan, CO
4000 River Point Pkwy, Sheridan, CO
Denver Auto Show
Denver Auto Show
2000 Elitch Circle, Denver
2000 Elitch Circle, Denver


Did You know

It is illegal to drive a black car on Sundays in Denver

There are many bizarre outdated traffic laws in the U.S., and this is one of them: it is illegal to show up on Colorado capital’s roads on Sundays, driving a black car! This restriction is definitely not enforced these days, but it is good to keep it in mind!


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Automotive Denver at a glance

Automotive Denver at a glance
Automotive Denver at a glance
Denver is the capital, and the most populous city of Colorado, with more than 715,000 inhabitants, according to the 2020 Census. Denver’s nickname is the Mile High City. It got it due to the official elevation being exactly one mile (5.280 feet) above sea level! There’s not much happening here in terms of car manufacturing today, but in 1914 a Ford assembly plant at 920 South Broadway Boulevard started producing Model T, and did so until 1933.

Denver Auto Show

The automotive life in the capital of Colorado is centered around the famous Denver Auto Show, which now is held outdoors in Denver’s favorite amusement park, Elritch Gardens. Denver Colorado car and truck show is a premier showcase of both imported and US-made cars, vans, SUVs, hybrids, EVs, and light trucks. You can shop for tires online at, to find new and used SUV, light truck, and passenger tires, and enjoy our free FedEx delivery service right to your Denver home or office!

Denver topography

The Mile High City is sandwiched between the Rockies to the west and the High Plains to the east. The terrain is made up of plains in the city center, and the hilly areas from south, north, and west. For confident driving in these diverse conditions, buy all-season tires online at, with daily best tire deals on 60,000+ inventory!

Denver roads

The city’s layout is grid-based. Denver is served by two Interstates, I-25, and I-70. The intersection of them is locally known as "the mousetrap": when viewed from the air, the junction with all the vehicles looks like a large trap full of mice and is best avoided, if possible.


Choosing the right tires for driving in Denver


Where to buy new tires in Denver?

Any large city in the U.S. offers many options to buy new tires, and Denver is not an exception. To buy new tires in Denver, swing by Walmart Auto Care Center, or Costco Tire Center. Yet another great option for shopping for tires is to buy new tires online at, with free FedEx Home Delivery to your door in Denver!

Walmart Auto Care Center

  • 7800 Smith Rd, Denver, CO
  • Costco Tire Center

    • 4000 River Point Pkwy, Sheridan, CO
    • 5195 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO


    Where to buy used tires in Denver

    Googling “Used tire shop in Denver”, or “Buy used tires near me in Denver”? has over 50,000 used tires on sale for you to choose from! Add to that free FedEx Home Delivery to your door in Denver, and our customer-friendly return policy, and there you have the perfect solution to your query.
    Buy used tires online on our website to save up to 50% of your tire budget, or order them at our eBay shop! Our sales reps are ready to assist you 24/7, just dial 773-840-0282 to ask your questions to choose the right tires for your purpose, or click a Live Chat on our website!


    What tires do you need for Denver weather?

    What tires do you need for Denver weather?
    What tires do you need for Denver weather?
    Being one of the sunniest places in the United States, Denver is still known for its extreme weather. Heavy rains, big snowfalls, storms — all of these conditions are familiar to the Denverites and the guests of the beautiful Mile High City. To drive comfortably and safely in any weather, shop tires by season or by the tire type on our website and enjoy a free FedEx Home delivery service right to your door in Denver!


    Denver boasts 300 sunny days a year, being one of the sunniest cities in the whole of the U.S. But, when it rains here, it really does. Most of the precipitation occurs from April through August. Extreme conditions and sudden weather changes are common, because of Denver’s inland location on the High Plains, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. No wonder Denverites prefer to drive on trailerall season tires for most of the year.

    Cold season

    Winters have periods of snow and cold interrupted with warming, caused by Chinook winds. Snow falls throughout the late autumn, winter, and early spring, with April and March being the months with the most snowfall. Studdable tires are legal in Colorado, and so are tire chains, which are compulsory during the Chain Law. To feel confident during the snowy conditions, shop for new and used winter, snow, and studdable tires online at


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    Best-selling tire brands in Denver*

    *Source: sales department, 2021
    Shop used tires by brand on our website and get the best tire deals daily!


    The most popular tire sizes in Denver*

    *Source: sales department, 2021





    Drivers’ Denver guide: practical information
    Drivers’ Denver guide: practical information
    Everything you need to know about driving on Denver’s roads, and much more! Check out the live traffic report, remember the important driving and parking rules, and learn when you officially need to perform a seasonal tire changeover! Visiting Denver as a guest? Then you need this guide even more, and be sure to go to the “Scenic drives” section!

    Live traffic report

    The Denver traffic is reported to be the 25th worst in the U.S., due to population growth, and lack of public transportation. Watch out for those traffic jams in the metro area peaking between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., add an hour on each side for the peak times. It is recommended to stir free of The Mousetrap (the intersection of I70 and I25). For live traffic conditions in Denver, follow these links:

    Seasonal tire changeover

    With 300 sunny days annually, July is the warmest month in Denver with temperatures rising above 90° F. December is the coldest month of the year with temperatures dropping below 46 °F. Denverites casually favor all-season tires for most of the year, find them in the all-season tires section of, and get a free FedEx delivery right to your Denver home or office!
    It snows here throughout the late autumn, winter, and early spring. April and March are when the most of snowfall occurs. Studdable tires are legal in Colorado, and so are tire chains, which are compulsory during the Chain Law. To feel confident during the snowy conditions, shop for new and used winter tires, snow tires, and studdable tires online at

    Driving Laws

    1. Wear seatbelts at all times(if your vehicle is equipped with them)
    2. Use seatbelts for kids between 8 and 16 years old, and an appropriately sized safety seat for children under 8 years old
    3. Texting while driving is banned unless you are trying to reach emergency services
    4. All forms of mobile phone use are prohibited for drivers under 18 years old (unless calling emergency services)
    5. The 3-second rule: leave that much distance between your vehicle and the one in front
    6. Yield the right of way to the bus that is re-entering traffic and indicating
    7. Drivers must yield to pedestrians when moving along Denver roads
    8. Aggressive driving is a chargeable offense in Denver
    9. Attention! The blood alcohol limit in Denver is just 0.05%! DWI is punished by large fines, public service works, and jail time!

    Unspoken Road Rules

    Road rage

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data proves that in 2018 Colorado ranked as the second deadliest state per capita for road rage incidents. According to numerous reports by the Denver residents, and Mile High City’s visitors, the trend continues. The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) gets roughly 80,000 road rage calls annually.
    Heavy traffic and congestion are definitely contributing factors here, but keeping your calm is advisable. Don’t engage raging drivers, don’t establish eye contact, mind your own business and you’ll be fine.

    Fast and furious

    The highways’ speed limit here is extra 5 miles per hour for the slow lane, 10 for the center lane, and fast lane anything between 15 and 20 miles per hour. Speeding is common, pay extra attention to those rare view mirrors.

    Running the traffic light

    The yellow light here is often taken as green, so don’t be surprised by fellow drivers not even braking for the yellow light. What’s more disturbing is the proverbial 3 cars limit to run the red light. Watch out for speeding drivers at the traffic lights, and you’ll be all right.
    Matt Wojtasik
    Matt Wojtasik
    Store Manager

    Parking rules

    Smart Meters in Denver really make life easier. No need for coins, they are electronic meters powered by solar energy and can accept the payment in the form that’s best for you. Pulse, since 2021, the City of Denver started accepting meter payments by phone, just install a “PayByPhone” app, and you are good to go. Of course, other forms of payment are still accepted, so coins, debit/credit bank cards, and Smart Card will do.
    For more information, visit the Official Denver Government website.

    Window tint laws

    27% of the VLT rule applies both to sedans and SUVs’ front, back, and rear windows. The windshield tint level for these vehicle categories is set at 70% of VLT, it has to be non-reflective, and can only be applied to the top 4 inches of the windshield. Both front and backside windows tint cannot have mirrored, or metallic appearance, and there are no medical exemptions for special tint. Find out everything you want to know about tinting trends and make the right choice for your ride!
    The good news: if the front side windows and windshield tinting is 70% VLT or more than windows to the back of the driver (rear window and back side windows) can have any degree of tint applied, so go for it!.

    Helmet laws

    Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear DOT-approved helmets in Denver, but drivers over 18 years old don’t have to wear them. We recommend using helmets at all times, helmets save lives!
    They can also protect your eyes, and your wallet, because some eye protection is legally required for both motorcycle passengers and drivers. The best eye protection is from a visor on a helmet. Goggles and eyeglasses with lenses made from safety glass or plastic are second best. Having a windshield on your bike does not constitute adequate eye protection in Denver.

    Roads and highways

    To solve the problem of traffic congestion, help the commuters reach their destinations in a predictable manner, and save everyone’s time, the Express Lanes and tollways have been built in Denver.
    The best way to use them is to get an ExpressToll account, and a pass, to save money on the tolls. Getting the Switchable HOV Transponder allows you to carpool, and save even more. Not paying your tolls may result in fines up to $250.
    The Express Lanes
    • I-25 Express Lanes are two reversible lanes on I-25 between Speer and US 36, and US 36 and 120th Avenue in Downtown Denver, they are open during peak travel times, with southbound travel open from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m., and Northbound travel is open from the noon to 3 a.m.
    • US-36 Express Lanes connect Boulder to Denver at I-25, from Federal Boulevard in Westminster to Table Mesa Drive in Boulder
    • C-470 Express Lanes run 12.5 miles along C-470 between I-25 and Wadsworth Boulevard
    The toll roads
    • E-470 is 47 miles long road that serves the Denver International Airport and provides a bypass for the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area
    • Northwest Parkway, a 9-mile road running from the intersection of I-25 and E-470 to US 36
    You can find more information on Denver tollways at the Official Colorado Express Lane website.

    Scenic drives

    The Guanella Pass drive

    This is your ideal choice for a late afternoon drive near Denver. The drive is approximately 22 miles long and takes about 1 hour. On the way, you’ll be passing one of the famous 14’ers, Mount Bierstadt, and Georgetown, a typical old farmer mining town.

    Peak to Peak scenic byway

    Take the Peak to Peak scenic for 55 miles long ride alongside the Continental Divide. Drive through the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife sightings!

    Lariat Loop

    The Lariat Loop is 40 miles long, passing through the towns of Golden, Morrison, Idledale, Kittredge, Evergreen, and some of the state parks. The Buffalo Bill’s Museum and Grave are some of the historical attractions there. The world-famous Dinosaur Ridge is a famous dinosaur fossils location along the way.
    To learn more about Colorado Scenic Byways, visit the Official Colorado travel website


    Shop by tire type


    Best tires for Denver

    Best tires for Denver
    Best tires for Denver
    As extreme as Denver weather can get, for driving on the summer roads all-season tires are enough, but for more grip and safety you can choose the right model of summer or performance tires in our catalog. United Tires customers can choose new, used, or driven once tires that basically are absolutely new, just didn’t suit the previous owner for one reason or another. When shopping with us, you can be absolutely sure that our used tires are of high quality: each of them undergoes a thorough three-stage inspection.
    And to be absolutely sure of your safety in winter, go for all-season tires, marked with an M+S sign at the sidewall, buy winter tires (both studdable or studless), and don’t forget about the chains, and if you want enhanced performance, choose snow tires. When shopping on, a free FedEx Home delivery is complimentary, plus our famous hustle-free return policy!


    Buy tires in Denver and save up to 50%!

    Whether you’re thinking to secure yourself with two sets of tires for Denver weather conditions, just need a spare or the time has come to get a fresh set of tires, cruising through the United Tires catalog can bring you many interesting discoveries. Our prices allow you to save up to 50%, and sometimes the used tires are as good as new. The smart system of the tire stock supply gives us the opportunity to sell cheap tires, but of very high quality that is secured by our 2-stage quality control inspection.
    No matter if you’re looking for some famous model, or a barely known one, at you can successfully get yourself two tires instead of one, or four tires instead of two!
    Choose the most convenient shopping method on our main page — by tire size, model, make, seasons, performance, or tire types, add your selection to the cart and enjoy free FedEx shipping (all orders confirmed before 12 p.m. are shipped on the same business day). And if you need a free consultation or professional advice, call toll-free to our 24/7 customer support at 1-888-566-6214 or just press a Live Chat button!
    Other tire websites
    Set of 4 used tires
    Tread Depth
    Average Price
    Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
    Other tire websites
    Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
    Set of 4 used tires
    Tread Depth
    Average Price
    Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
    Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
    There are always great deals to be had in our online used tire shop. Whether you’re looking for tires for your new passenger car or decade-old pick-up truck we have sizes and prices to suit! Shop at for used tires in Denver!




    Where to buy tires in Denver?

    Well, it totally depends on the style of shopping that you prefer. If you have some spare time, visit one of the multiple Denver tire shops and choose the right tire for you. And if you are more of an online buyer, welcome to cruise through the catalog at! Choose tires according to their size, model, type, and performance and save up to 50%. Plus free shipping!

    Can I use all season tires in Denver all year round?

    Yes, you can, but make sure they are marked with the M+S sign (you can find it on the sidewall of your tire). Only “Mud & Snow” all-season tires can guarantee safe driving in extreme winter weather! Shop for new or used all-season tires with great discounts on our website and get a free FedEx Home delivery!

    Do I need winter tires in Denver?

    As experts, we would highly recommend purchasing winter tires and installing them when the temperature establishes below 45 °F levels. Winter tires provide optimal handling and grip on the snowy/icy/slushy road. Their softer compound sticks to the cold road, and the tread pattern allows them to cruise safely even through the harshest of snowstorms. Get winter tires with significant discounts on our website. We guarantee a thorough 2-stage inspection of our used tires and a hassle-free return policy. Plus free shipping with every order!


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