Buy Tires on Sale in Santa Fe: But Not Until You’ve Read This Guide!

Shop Tires on Sale for Santa Fe: choose from more than 90,000 options
Shop Tires on Sale for Santa Fe: choose from more than 90,000 options


Driving and buying tires in Santa Fe

Santa Fe in New Mexico is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest art cities, attracting more than 2 million visitors each year. Nicknamed “The City Different”, this creative and vibrant destination in the center-east of the country, is a place where a car is an absolute necessity. To help you navigate Santa Fe roads as efficiently as possible, here at United Tires we have collated this guide to give valuable advice on the main roads and highways, traffic laws, seasonal tire changes, and much much more! Read on to learn interesting facts about Santa Fe’s automotive history as well as where to buy the best new and used tires in The Different City.
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Santa Fe tire shops and key auto facilities

Santa Fe Speedway
Santa Fe Speedway
3730 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507
3730 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Santa Fe Vintage Car Club
Santa Fe Vintage Car Club
3470 Zafarano Dr Suite C, Santa Fe, NM 87507
3470 Zafarano Dr Suite C, Santa Fe, NM 87507


Did You know

Did you know that…

Hyundai’s first SUV is named after the city in New Mexico

Hyundai Santa Fe is a popular SUV that’s named after the city of Santa Fe in New Mexico. It was first introduced in 2000 and was Hyundai's first SUV. Today it has the reputation for being a great value family vehicle.


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Automotive Santa Fe at a glance

Automotive Santa Fe at a glance
Automotive Santa Fe at a glance
Santa Fe is better known for its arts and culture and rich Hispanic history than it is for its automotive industry. But it has a vibrant vintage car scene as well as a popular speedway track that’s considered one of the premier short tracks in the Southwest.

Santa Fe Vintage Car Club

Founded in 1963, the Santa Fe Vintage Car Club is one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the country dedicated to the preservation and restoration of classic vehicles. The club hosts regular meetings and events, and its members often take their cars on long-distance road trips. In recent years, the club has also begun to offer driving lessons for new members. These lessons provide an opportunity for members to learn about the correct way to operate and maintain a classic car. The Santa Fe Vintage Car Club is a great way for enthusiasts to connect with other like-minded individuals and to ensure that classic cars remain a part of our automotive heritage.

Santa Fe Speedway

The Santa Fe Speedway racetrack hosts competitive races throughout the year. The facility has a long history dating back to the early days of America's obsession with cars and racing. Today, the Santa Fe Speedway is known for its high-speed races and tight turns. The track is also home to a number of unique features, including a section known as the "Wall of Death." The Wall of Death is a vertical walled section of the track that drivers must navigate at high speeds. This challenging section of the track is one of the things that makes the Santa Fe Speedway such a popular destination for racing enthusiasts.


Choosing the right tires for driving in Santa Fe


Where to buy new tires in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe is a relatively small city with a population of just 84,000 so it doesn’t as yet have some of the better-known tire brand centers, such as Walmart and Costco. If you’re keen to access these great value stores then you’ll need to invest an hour of your time driving to neighboring Albuquerque. An easier and faster way to shop for tires is online at where you’ll find a huge range of 3,000+ new tires in stock. Our price matching policy, together with free FedEx delivery to your doorstep makes them some of the best value new tires around.
Order online before 1 p.m. and have your tires shipped the same business day. Receive delivery of your new treads free and fast to any postcode in Santa Fe.


Where to buy used tires in Santa Fe?

There’s a far greater understanding these days of the value that can be gained from buying high-quality used tires. Many online providers, such as apply strict quality control measures that ensure all shipped tires are defect free and 100% roadworthy. At United Tires, you can choose from a selection of 50,000+ used tires, all of which have between 66% and 99% tread left in them. Due to Santa Fe’s location and size, it doesn’t have a wide range of competitively priced tire stores that can be found in other major cities throughout the country, so buying your tires online is not only a great value option, but it’s also a highly practical choice.
If you need additional advice on selecting the best tires for your vehicle, give our team a call on 1-888-566-6214 (toll-free) or contact us via email or Live Chat.


What tires do you need for Santa Fe weather?

What tires do you need for Santa Fe weather?
What tires do you need for Santa Fe weather?
In Santa Fe, NM, the summers are hot and humid and the winters freezing and snowy, with the average daily temperature dipping to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. For around nine days a year, Santa Fe has at least an inch of snow on the ground. With such little snowfall, drivers in The Different City can get away with driving on a good set of M&S-rated all-season tires year-round, saving money on yearly tire changes.
For drivers with a sportier style of driving, they should consider driving on summer tires during the hottest months of the year and then switching to all-season tires once the average daily temperature dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
All-Season tires and summer tires are undoubtedly the most common tire choices for Santa Fe drivers but remember you always need to buy tires that are specific to the type of vehicle you drive. On the United Tires website, you can shop for new or used tires based on the


Best-selling tire brands in Santa Fe

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The most popular tire sizes in Santa Fe

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Drivers’ Santa Fe guide: practical information
Drivers’ Santa Fe guide: practical information
Although Santa Fe is a relatively relaxed, small city to drive in, it’s not immune to congestion and tailbacks during the morning and evening rush hour. We have compiled this Sante Fe driver’s guide to help you avoid the worst of it:

Live traffic report

During the peak commuter hours of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., it's advisable to check the following live traffic report websites before setting out on any journey:

Seasonal tire changeover

While Santa Fe, NM doesn’t receive the massive dumps of snow experienced in other states, its icy roads and freezing temperatures between December and March still warrant the use of M&S-rated all-season tires.

November to February

Combat the coldest and iciest months on Santa Fe roads by fitting your vehicle with a set of M&S-rated all-season tires. Snowfall in Santa Fe in winter is neither frequent enough, nor deep enough to warrant heavy-duty winter tires, although you might want to consider them should you plan on driving over the state border, to colder climes.

March to October

Mild temperatures between March and October in Santa Fe make summer tires or all-season tires a great option for the average driver. Summer tires respond best to hot dry (or wet) roads, enabling drivers better acceleration, braking, and cornering. But, if you’re averse to seasonal tire changes, then stick with M&S-rated all-season tires year-round. They won’t let you down, even on the occasional days in Santa Fe when a light dusting of snow settles on the ground.

Driving Laws

Santa Fe driving laws follow New Mexico state laws. Here are the most crucial ones to be aware of:
  1. Pumping gas: Gas stations have a legal obligation not to sell gas to drivers they believe to be intoxicated
  2. Cellphones: Hand-held cellphone usage is illegal for all drivers
  3. Seatbelts: Sante Fe has strict seatbelt laws so all drivers and passengers must be buckled up at all times
  4. Right turns: There are no restrictions on right turns on red
  5. Drink driving: It’s illegal for adults to drive with more than 0.08 blood alcohol content (BAC) and for those under 21’s the BAC is 0.02

Window tint laws

Although it’s fashionable and practical to tint vehicle windows to avoid unwanted glare, it’s important to make sure any window tint job in Santa Fe complies with the following New Mexico State laws:
  • Windshields can only be tinted above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line
  • Front windows can only have an 80% tint applied
  • Back windows can only have an 80% tint applied
  • Rear Windows can only have an 80% tint applied
Note that for SUVs and vans, any tint of darkness can be applied to the rear and back windows.
Understand more about the ins and outs of legal window tinting in Santa Fe. Read reviews and learn about the key considerations.

Helmet laws

In Santa Fe, the law requires all bicycle, motorbike, and moped riders under 18 to wear helmets. For adults, however, helmets are optional but highly recommended, particularly on busy and congested roads and highways.
For more information on helmet laws in Santa Fe, NM, visit the MVD New Mexico website.

Roads and highways

Santa Fe has a number of major roads and highways that handle the majority of the city's traffic. These highways provide access to the city from other parts of the state and country:


  • I-25 runs north to south through the city and connects Santa Fe to cities such as Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah
  • I-10 is an east-west interstate highway that runs through Santa Fe. It’s 2,460 miles long and runs from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville, Florida
  • I-40 is one of the busiest highways in the US, connecting Santa Fe to Los Angeles. It’s the only major east-west highway in New Mexico.

Other major roads

  • US Highway 285 runs east to west in New Mexico and stretches from Denver, Colorado to Sanderson, Texas
  • State Road 599 is a scenic byway that offers breathtaking views of the Santa Fe River and the Santa Fe National Forest

Scenic routes

Santa Fe is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States, and its scenic driving routes are a big part of what makes it so special. The Santa Fe Trail, for instance, winds its way through the city, offering stunning views of the mountains and desert landscapes. The Turquoise Trail is another popular route, offering visitors a chance to see some of Santa Fe's most iconic landmarks, like the Pueblo de Taos. Whether you're looking for an invigorating drive or a leisurely cruise, Santa Fe has numerous scenic routes to offer.
Learn more about Santa Fe’s beautiful scenic driving routes. Get detailed information on where the routes start and end, as well as highlights along the way.


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Best tires for Santa Fe

Best tires for Santa Fe
Best tires for Santa Fe
TThe best tires for drivers in The City Different are always the safest tires so it’s important to consider the following factors, before purchasing a new set of treads:
  • The time of year: Snowfall in Santa Fe is not necessarily heavy but it’s enough to warrant the use of M&S-rated snow tires, or even winter tires if you want to play it safe
  • Vehicle type: Different vehicle types require different tires. If you enjoy a lot of offroading, then you should consider all-terrain tires but if you own a sedan that never leaves the highway, passenger tires or highway tires are the safest bet. Always shop for tires with the make and model of your vehicle in mind
  • Driving style: If you have a sporty style of driving then you will want to consider opting for summer tires during the hottest months of the year.If you are more of an average driver, all-season tires are the best bet
  • Budget: Used tires are a great option for drivers on a budget. Consider purchasing driven once tires or browsing used tires under $50
At United Tires we sell a vast range of 60,000+ new and used tires. Our intuitive website categorizes tires based on brands, performance, vehicle type, terrain, and purpose, among other parameters. Search based on your priorities and needs. If you need guidance, simply call our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 1-888-566-6214 and have one of our friendly sales staff talk you through the options.


Buy tires in Santa Fe and save up to 50%!

Shop from the comfort of your home at with the knowledge that you’re getting the best value for money. At United Tires you can save up to 50% on many used tire brands whilst also benefitting from free FedEx home delivery and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you happen to be unhappy with your purchase, return your unused tires within a year and get a full refund.
All our used tires are subjected to a rigorous 2-stage checking process (both manual and automatic) so you can be confident they are defect free and 100% road worthy. Because we only stock used tires with between 66% and 99% tread left on them, you can be confident they will reliably last the distance. Get the ultimate value by buying both new and used tires at
Other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Other tire websites
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
There are always great deals to be had in our online used tire shop. Whether you’re looking for tires for your new passenger car or decade-old pick-up truck we have sizes and prices to suit! Shop at for used tires in Santa Fe




Where to buy tires in Santa Fe?

The easiest and most convenient way to buy tires in Santa Fe is online. Santa Fe’s limited shops and relatively small population don’t make for the greatest choice when it comes to tire shops. At United Tires, you can choose from a stock of 60,000+ new and used tires that are delivered fast and free you your Santa Fe doorstep via our FedEx Home Delivery Service. We also offer a 24-hour toll-free hotline and Live Chat function on our website if you require advice and guidance regarding the best treads for your vehicle.

Which tires are best for Santa Fe?

More people own pickup trucks in Santa Fe than any other vehicle type so the most frequently purchased tires in this city are light truck tires. With stiffer sidewalls and a high load index for towing and hauling, they are sturdy tires that will keep your pickup safe on the roads. Owners of 4-wheel drive vehicles and SUVs that spend a lot of time outside the city should opt for off-road tires that give great traction on harsh terrain and uneven surfaces. The best tires for sedan and passenger car drivers in Santa Fe are M&S endorsed all-season tires.

Are winter tires necessary in Santa Fe?

Winters in Santa Fe are not necessarily harsh enough to warrant changing over to winter tires. A better more versatile option is M&S-rated all-season tires that perform well on hot summer roads and cope equally well with small coverings of snow during the winter months in New Mexico. If you’re the owner of a sports car or high performance can you may like to opt for summer tires in the hotter months and switch to all-season tires once the winter months roll in.


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