My name is Mike Skoropad, a 33-year-old family man with a keen interest in figuring out what consumers need and fulfilling their needs through strategic business decisions. I am a thrill seeker when it comes to cars, having participated in amateur drifting and ice racing. Away from the sweet smell of burning rubber, I enjoy the cuisines offered in different restaurants and outdoor activities such as cycling. Above all, I enjoy quality family time.

I started my professional journey as a sales representative. It placed me in a unique position of direct customer interaction that allowed me to gain significant insight into developing a business strategy with the consumers’ needs in mind. My work ranged from door-to-door sales to phone and email sales. My key objective was to achieve company growth while nurturing my professional growth as well. Later, my business operations experience opened a window into profitability objectives by optimizing the value of the business.

At some point, I felt that I had achieved enough growth to try things out independently. Utires was born in 2012 with the help of my partners, who shared my vision. Our market research revealed that there was a high demand for used tires. We focused on sourcing high-quality used tires since we could not sell new tires at the time. Since then, we’ve grown into a thriving enterprise that applies fair business practices with an A+ Certification from The Better Business Bureau as proof. Ultimately, I aim to achieve financial independence and have the resources to offer a helping hand to other entrepreneurs. I have acquired my knowledge through experiences and extensive reading. I make it a point to read daily, focusing on books on various business topics and personal development.

At Utires, we focus on our employees’ professional development because we believe it impacts our business positively and improves the customer experience. I know this because my previous job created an enabling environment for my growth, which led to the birth of Utires.

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A fast-growing young business, Utires was founded in 2012 to satisfy the high demand for high-quality used tires. Our primary focus is developing a reliable business infrastructure and offering employees a conducive environment that allows them to thrive. We have nurtured employee relationships and strived to optimize every aspect of the customer experience. We pride ourselves in establishing a conducive work environment with happy employees who are highly motivated to pursue organization objectives with zeal.

We have received recognition from various quarters for our business accomplishments. We enjoyed our appearance in the Ukrainian People Magazine in Chicago. Our founders have Ukrainian roots that have been instrumental in their determined spirit to offer value to the customers. One key distinction from our competitors is our simplified ordering process plus partnerships with local tire stores to provide installation services. Our tires undergo professional inspections (by hand + machine) to ensure our customers receive value for their money. Our confidence in our tires’ quality is so high that we offer a 1-year money-back guarantee.

Used tires get a bad reputation, but Utires entered the market to change that. Our tires have a 99% to 60% tread life. Customers will get these tires at 50% or lower than the price of popular tire brands. We offer new tires for customers who may not prefer used ones. Overall, our customer service keeps people coming back and offering glowing reviews of our business. We have a 4.9/5 star rating on Google and a 4.5/5 star yelp rating. Our customers enjoy the same-day delivery (for orders placed before 1 PM) convenience when ordering from our website, eBay store, or our Chicago retail stores.


  • With more than 50000 tires in our stock you can always find the tire you need at the moment you need it the most and we will deliver it to you for free.
    United Tires for Dealers
    JAN 2020
  • Our repair shop offers tire and wheel installation, wheel alignment, suspension, brakes, full maintenance and vehicle customization such as window tinting, vinyl wrap and paint protection film for any type of car.
    United Tires – Company Overview
    DEC 2019


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